Jim Island Miniatures

Jim Island miniatures are the sole creation of the artist. Jim creates the designs and carves the “masters” from basswood. He then makes his own molds and hand-casts each piece one at a time. Some pieces he creates with a bright finish that will not tarnish, to others he applies a patina for depth and contrast. Intense detail is carried throughout these works.

Artist’s original limited editions-

Contact Jim to order your selection. Shipping within the contiguous United States is included for all pewter sculpture and tableware.

Note that custom hand made mahogany or walnut bases are included in the price for selected limited edition sculptures as depicted. Jim will prepare a custom walnut or mahogany base for the other pewter sculptures for and additional fee; contact the artist for price quotes.

 Black Mallard Drake
 English Mallard Drake
 Pintail Drake
 Hooded Merganser Drake
 Canvasback Drake
 Woodduck Drake
 Brown Pelican
 Canada Goose
 Calling Loon
 Sea Island Corn Picks
 Edisto Bull Knife Rest
 Plantation Napkin Rings
 Scallop Napkin Rings
 Shrimp Napkin rings
 Red Drum and Stone Crab
  "Scouting the Kiawah"
  Winter Trout/Spotted Sea Trout
 "Bull Red/Red Drum"
 "Moments In The Stream"
Rainbow Trout 


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