James Lynah Palmer, Jr. grew up on Wadmalaw Island, just south of historic Charleston, South Carolina. His life was molded by the woods, fields, rivers and tidelands shared by his father, grandfather and generations before. Jim was born with a gift, a natural artistic ability mingled with an acute perception and deep love of the wildlife around him.

    Jim has created carvings and sculptures professionally for over 27 years. He has a line of cold-cast reproduction sold world wide. In 1985 Jim became the world’s first “in-place underwater sculptor”, creating sculptures from materials already present on the bottom of rivers, lakes and sounds. Donning scuba gear he created the artworks where the material lay and left the them there for other divers to discover. His underwater sculpture projects were documented in local, regional and national publications.

     In September of 2002 a welded steel sculpture of an eagle, titled "Rising Eagle”, that Jim created was accepted by the Pentagon for display. It was in place during and following the reopening of the wing area hit by terrorists. The idea came to Jim in a dream the morning after September 11, 2001. After the completion of its tour at the Pentagon it will become a permanent exhibit piece at the Capitol. (See the Post and Courier article)

    Most recently, this past winter, Jim was presented with the honorary title of first Sculptor/Artist For The Town Of James Island, where he resides, and subsequently was appointed the chairman of The James Island Arts Commission.

    Jim’s work has been exhibited many times at, among others, two of the biggest wildlife shows in the United States, The Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland and The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina. Requests for commissions of his artwork have come from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts and abroad.

    About eight years ago, at the suggestion of Jim’s father (and mentor) he resurrected an old line of original miniature wildlife carvings (at that time only ducks) that Jim used to create. This time he designed and created them in limited editions of high definition pure pewter castings. Jim creates his own designs and carves the “masters” from basswood. He then makes his own molds and hand-casts each piece one at a time. Intense detail, a signature trait for which Jim has become known, is carried throughout all of these miniature artworks. The series title that Jim creates these fine works of art under is “Jim Island Miniatures". ™

    Along with Jim's limited -edition pewter, he creates one-of-a-kind sculptures, large and small, from varied woods, metals, and stones. This year Jim is also reintroducing two dimensional artworks in oils and other media to his current repertoire.

    What makes Jim and his artworks so distinctive? He has an uncanny ability to create across a broad range of media. There is a strong consistency in the quality of execution from one material to another. There is pure originality in each presentation from contemporary to traditional. Finally and most significantly, Jim's signature is his attention to detail.

    No brag, just fact.


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