Wood Sculptures and Carvings

It was in this medium that Jim’s professional endeavors began. He works in woods including basswood, black walnut, mahogany, and camphor. His presentation style ranges from contemporary to traditional. All of these artworks are created one at a time. No duplication machinery is used. So each piece is an original one-of-a-kind.

 Cloud Sailing”
Swallow Tail Kite
 “My Pinocchio”
Long Billed Curlew
 “Nuthatch’s Spirit”
White Breasted Nuthatch
 “Mountain Trout”
Brook Trout
 “With My Father’s Blades”
Decorative Woodduck decoy

Jim is also available to create for you a specially commissioned wood sculpture. He has extensive experience making exceptionally detailed and realistic wildlife commissions. Do call or e-mail him to explore your ideas and interests.

Note: shipping, handling, insurance FOB Charleston, S.C. for all artwork.


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