Steel Sculpture

All of Jim’s Steel sculptures are created from his own designs. Working primarily in 1/4" material, he cuts the pieces out freehand in traditional style with an oxygen- acetylene torch, rough hammer cleans them, then welds the pieces together into the finished form. With some of the artworks he incorporates “wrought” hammering techniques to bring life to the lines of the work.

Jim fabricates each sculpture one at a time and never makes more than twenty pieces in a design series. All of these sculptures were created with exterior applications in mind.

 Sheep’head Series I (2 piece)
 Clear Coated, Air Brush Painted
 Sheep’head Series I (5piece)
 Clear Coated, Air Brush Painted
 Sheep’head Series I (7 piece)
 Clear Coated, Air Brush Painted
 Sheep’head Series 201
 Bronze Patina Finish
 Sheep’head Series II (3 piece)
 Bronze Patina Finish
 Flamingo I
 Acrylic Enamel Paint (base may vary
 Rising Eagle
 Bronze & Pewter Finish, Patinated
 “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
  Marble Base, Painted Acrylic Enamel
 Red Drum, Tailing (3 Piece )
 Air Brush Painted Steel
 Lilypad Dragon
 Steel Plate, Steel Rod Stock, Brass, Copper Sheet,
  & Carved Teak Wood

Jim is also available to create for you a specially commissioned steel sculpture. Do call or e-mail him to explore your ideas and interests.

Note: shipping, handling, insurance FOB Charleston, S.C. for all artwork.


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